Professional Services

Building Knowledge Inc. offers comprehensive energy professional services to help builders, architects and remodelers continuously improve their practices to deliver high performance homes. We provide support from the smallest first steps to a complete change in design and construction practices. We also help you fix problems as they arise, and most importantly, before they happen.

Building Knowledge Inc. has helped hundreds of clients achieve the goals of building programs such as LEED for Homes, Energy Star for New Homes, American Lung Association’s Health House Program, and others.

Site Assessments and Workshops

As an essential compliment to our training services, Building Knowledge Inc. offers interactive, onsite workshops focused on identifying key design and construction issues and creating solutions. These workshops are critical to building better homes, as they provide the opportunity to bring together diverse stakeholders (site supervisors, sales staff, construction trades, etc.) to discuss key issues and challenges, and provide a forum for identifying and solving problems.

Workshops combine our training seminars with construction site walk-throughs. A follow-up report outlines observations made on site, including problem areas, best practices, and a planning timeline for implementing changes.

Performance Evaluation and Recommendations

Design and construction assessments are one of the most important beginning steps to building better homes. Building Knowledge Inc. provides expert design and construction reviews to assist our clients in developing a clear picture of current practices, short and long term goals, and a road-map to achieve these goals.

A home is not complete unless we ensure that it’s performing to the standard to which it was designed. Building Knowledge Inc. provides coordination of testing and diagnostic services and recommendations in order to provide an essential feedback loop on the end performance of each home. Our role is to help you develop a good test plan, make sure it’s being implemented appropriately, and help you understand and act on test results.

Plan and Specifications Review

An average home consists of 15,000 building components that are put together by over 200 different people from 14 different trades. But a home is much more than an assembly of parts. A home is an interactive system and each of its components must be designed to work together. During a plan review, we analyze the following components with the “Systems Approach” in mind:

  • Foundations
  • Water Management Details
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Insulation
  • Air Sealing
  • HVAC

Extensive system review, material recommendations and design assistance (followed by proper installation) ensures that each home operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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