What is Green Homebuilding?

There are many definitions of green home building in the marketplace. If you talk to five people, you’ll get as many different opinions on what constitutes “green”.

To BKI, green building is responsible building – building that takes “building better homes” one step further – to focus not only on the building science of the home itself, but on the impact of the entire building process on the environment and economy.

BKI defines a green home as a home that is built substantially better than a typical code-built home. Many home buyers think that a home that is built to code is a high quality home. They do not realize code is only a set of minimum performance standards, and a code-built home is the lowest performing home that a builder can legally build.

A green home is a home that is designed and built to deliver exceptional performance in all of the following areas:

Health and safety
Energy efficiency
Water efficiency
Environmentally responsible use of materials and land
BKI specializes in guiding builders to align their homes with the expectations of their home buyers, including the emerging demand for resource efficient, planet friendly designs.